FRODY VOLGGER, Butcher/Magician, Salt & Smoke

From Vorarlberg to Salt Lake City, meat has always been at the heart of Frody's passions. Born into a family of butchers and dairy farmers, fresh sausages, tender cuts of veal, and cured meats were the flavors of his childhood in the Austrian Alps.

In Western Austria, it was easy to eat this well when your uncle would come to your family farm to butcher the pastured raised animals and preserve every single cut into a delicacy. His knowledge was not only a catalyst for Frody’s future, but also served to help sustain and nourish his family throughout the winter. It was his uncle that first taught Frody how to break down a pig, the secret to the best wursts and the magic of salt and smoke.

Beyond his hometown, good food drove Frody's life steering him around the world into the burgeoning hubs of good eating...Toronto, Switzerland, Southern California and the finally Utah where he worked his magic in the kitchen at Metro Cafe and his own Vienna Bistro. While the media and local food lovers fawned over his schnitzel and kuchen, Frody continued to refine his understanding of smoking and curing. Gleaning knowledge from thousands of years of practice before him, not only did he preserve the tradition of amazing local meat, but was able to elevate it. He secured his place among the skilled meat artisans by collaborating with Caputo's Market for a groundbreaking Butcher Section focusing solely on local meats from reputable farmers.

Working with Christiansen Family Farm's prized Berkshire hogs, Frody now combines the best of nature (responsibly raised heritage pigs) and human skill (curing and smoking) for a line of meats that pays homage to his hometown's old school traditions of crafting and preserving fine meats.