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Hi, I’m Pete.

I’ve been living and breathing the culinary industry for over two decades. With a passion for cooking, I decided to share my knowledge and insights with as many people as I could. That’s why I created SaltAndSmokeMeats.com.

I began my culinary journey at the age of 18, when I first started working in commercial kitchens. I quickly developed a deep understanding of the techniques, skills and flavors that go into cooking great dishes. Over the years, I honed his craft and gained valuable experience in the industry.

At the age of 34, I decided to take his culinary journey to the next level and started this website. Since then, I have continued to build this site and share my knowledge with others. 

I regularly teach cooking classes and workshops, sharing my tips and secrets with eager home cooks. I also provide consultations to aspiring chefs and serve as a mentor to those looking to break into the industry.

In addition to teaching and mentoring, I am committed to continuing to expand this business, sharing my passion for cooking with as many people as possible. With my years of experience and enthusiasm, I’m always ready to help anyone learn to make great meals.

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